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  • Can you put a glass extension on a listed building?

    We often get asked if you can put a glass extension on a listed building and the answer not a straightforward yes or no. If you follow the process below you will have the best chance of being granted permission.

    Listed building consent

    Listed building consent is a type of planning control which protects buildings that are of special architectural or historic interest, and are in addition to any planning regulations. It is a criminal offence to carry out work which needs listed building consent without obtaining it beforehand.

    Listed building consent must be applied for if you want to alter or extend a listed building in a way that will affect the character or appearance of the building. You must apply for listed building consent via your local planning authority. The local authority will then need to the appropriate planning division. For example, if your building is in Wales the local authority would need to apply to the planning division of the Welsh Government for consent. The majority of applications are processed within four weeks and returned to the appropriate local planning authority.

    The whole process should take between eight to thirteen weeks which also includes a statutory 21-day consultation period where neighbours and any other interested relevant parties will be consulted.

    If you are refused consent you have six months in which you can appeal to the secretary of state for communities and local government (DCLG). It is often advisable to employ the services of a good consultant who will have a full understanding of the planning law and will often have more knowledge than the Conservation officer.

    If you get consent you still need to follow planning regulations to ensure your glass extension meets building regulations.

    In order to get the best chance of your glass extension getting approval it should use a cohesive design which fits in with the character of the building. You can also use low iron glass which is a clearer glass then conversional glass and makes the glass much more transparent. In specialist cases it is also possible to have the glass coated with a non-reflective substance which can make the glass nearly invisible to passers-by.  

    We work with experienced architects who can help you plan an innovative extension that will meet and hopefully exceed your needs, while being inline with planning constraints.

  • Get rid of bad weather with a glass extension

    British weather has never been predictable and is prone to change without warning. One option which allows you to enjoy your outside space is to install a modern glass extension.
    Glass extensions allow you to experience all of natures moods at any time of year from the comfort of your home. With a top-quality glass extension, you will be thermally insulated from the weather and able to enjoy the space all year round.

    A glass extension will give your home a new focal point and often becomes your favorite part of your home. We offer only the best quality glass extensions with perfect functionality and elegant design. Thanks to the innovative glass strip technology, there will be no visible screws to offer the perfect aesthetic design and finish.

    glass extension bringing the outside in

    Our extensions offer you a high-quality light flooded living space which you can enjoy all year round. We work with you to make the design that best suits your individual needs and will be inspired by your own design ideas and personal preferences. Our designers have many years’ experience and will help you put your dreams into reality.

    We offer a wide range of ventilation options to keep the room climate ideal in all weathers. The ventilation options range from classic skylights and sliding or tilting windows, right through to tangential ventilators which can be electromotive in operation according to the temperatures and air humidity. Gone are the days of freezing in winter and boiling in summer, the smart modern glass extension can provide the perfect interface to your outside space all year around.

    Deepening on your property facing we can build the perfect interface with your outside space.

    If your property is north facing it is ideal for offices or studios and because of the indirect sunlight the climate would be ideal for plants.

    East facing properties will enable you to enjoy your extension being bathed in light in the early mornings which is ideal for breakfast time. Then the shadow of your property will shade you during the afternoon sun.

    South facing houses or bungalows will allow you to enjoy the most hours of sunshine throughout the day, so you will need to ensure the glass extension has good ventilation and shading in place. We can help you with this to ensure you get the most out of your new living space.

    West facing will allow you to enjoy the warm sun in the afternoon and early evenings and experience the spectacular sunsets will be a great source of pleasure.

    Which ever aspect your property is facing we can design the perfect living space for your needs.

    Contact us today for our free comprehensive guide on the great glass extension options that are available to you, or see our portfolio for ideas and interspersion.

  • Adding natural charm to a glass extension with wood

    A glass extension does not have to be all metal and glass. If you want to enjoy the cosy warmth of natural wood in your new living space you can. We can combine the natural beauty of wood on the interior with the optimal weather resistance of aluminium for the outside.

    This creates the perfect living space which allows you to feel the warmth of high-quality wood which creates a cosy atmosphere on the inside, whilst the aluminium covers the exterior which provides protection from the elements.

    wood glass extension














    The picture above is of an installation using the SDL Avantgarde roofing system combined with PEFC certified fine woods.

    For further information on these great products contact us for a free information pack Click here

  • How Will A Glass Extension Add Value to My Home?

    There are some key contemplations to make while mulling over a Glass Extension. It is critical to talk with the specialists and discover what might work best in your house. A carefully thought bespoke plan of value will surely add much more to the estimation of your property than it costs. (more…)

  • Glass Extension Ideas

    A glass extension is a lovely expansion of your home that allows you to benefit from the outdoors throughout the year. The glass ensures that the outside world stays transparent to you and allows you to enjoy the outside space from the comfort of your home. There are several ideas that can make this amazing idea come to fruition and some of them include the following:

    1. Use of Bespoke Blinds

    Get in touch with reputable blinds and shutter companies and purchase quality blinds that you can use to construct the glass extension. The blinds can also be used to reduce the light that comes in from the glass, blocking out the light entirely when you don’t need it or when you need privacy. (more…)