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Glass Extension Ideas

A glass extension is a lovely expansion of your home that allows you to benefit from the outdoors throughout the year. The glass ensures that the outside world stays transparent to you and allows you to enjoy the outside space from the comfort of your home. There are several ideas that can make this amazing idea come to fruition and some of them include the following:

1. Use of Bespoke Blinds

Get in touch with reputable blinds and shutter companies and purchase quality blinds that you can use to construct the glass extension. The blinds can also be used to reduce the light that comes in from the glass, blocking out the light entirely when you don’t need it or when you need privacy.

2. Use of Windows

One of the best ways of creating a glass extension is using windows. The windows can be as big as from the floor to the ceiling. That will certainly give you a full view of the outdoors. The windows also give you the illusion that you are actually outside. In addition to this, they give you the pleasure of having a large amount of light.

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3. Use of the rooftop with a view

The use of glass is essential in creating a glass extension. When you are selecting the glass you want to use, ensure that it is of the best quality. Self-cleaning glass is a good type of glass to use since the extension might have huge pieces of glass which can be unreachable. A solar tinted glass is quite good, especially if it’s really sunny and the sun affects your eyes.

Glass is a delicate element; therefore, ensure that you protect it from breaking; using laminated glass which has a safety film will certainly protect your glass extension from numerous adversities. You can also opt to use polycarbonate which is much cheaper; the material has the capability of creating a subdued light and it also produces less noise when it’s raining.

4. Use of controlled roof vents

Use roof vents that can be controlled to maintain the almost perfect temperature inside your glass extension. That is because due to the nature of the extension and link to the house, the heat is bound to become either too hot or cold at times. However, if you thermostatically control the roof vents, you will not have to worry about the extreme temperatures.

5. Use of Accessories and Furnishings

Accessories, decorations, and furnishings are one of the best ways to create that glass extension. Choose the best quality of interior designs because adverse heat and climate changes exposed to the room can make them fade or damage easily.

6. Use of extension furnishings made of glass

Let the glass extension not only be on the walls and outside, but also from the inside through the unique glass furnishings. These furnishings can be placed in the extension as well as the house itself.

7. Use of conservatory heating in the underfloor

The heating on the floor is very essential as it ensures you can use the glass extension even through winter. However, a heating engineer must be consulted to install the heating system on the floor. The system needs the protection of a grille. Moreover, you can opt to use trench heating.

8. Use of side-return extension

The use of side-return extensions utilizes space well as they present a very good illusion of the outside from inside the glass extension.

9. Use of naturally made furniture

Fixtures such as tables made of natural pine or hardwood and well-crafted wooden chairs also provides a perfect glass extension. The extension should be situated near the garden to provide a sophisticated look.

10. Use of roof lanterns and Orange Style conservatory

Using materials such as timber, stone, and aluminium for the walls, window panes, and comers bring out the best out of your glass extension. These materials also ensure that the space inside the extension has been utilized well.

11. Use of plants and flowers

You can decide to produce the illusion of the outdoors inside the extension by bringing in exotic plants with different shapes and colours. The outside impression can also be achieved with exotic flowers.

There are various other ways that you can use to create that fabulous glass extension for you and your family. You can also decide to be creative and come up with a design for yourself; however, you should always consult a professional before trying out the above-mentioned ideas.