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Glass Extensions

Adding a glass extension to a property is a great way to give it some extra character while expanding upon the useful space. Maybe you have had a new addition to your family, or maybe you have just accumulated a little too much furniture over the years. No matter what the reason, glass extensions are a great idea.
Adding a glass extension increases the value of the property. This is true regardless of the property or the type of extension. The thing about glass extensions is that they are much more cost effective to construct than the traditional kind. Planning permission is not usually required for any build where at least 50% of the wall and 75% of the roofing material is transparent, though it is always best to check with the local authority. If you ever sell your home a glass extension will add a significant amount to the price you can ask for.

Frame less glass extension

Glass Extensions blur the boundary between outside and inside. A glass extension lets you feel like you are sitting in the garden without ever having to step outside, perfect for a rainy or an overcast day when it would be too cold to go out anyway. For those who have a family or pets, it’s a great way to let them out to play while being able to keep an eye on them so as not to worry.

The outdoor feeling is compounded if you have sliding doors. That way on a nice day you can open the doors wide and enjoy free access from the house to the garden. The extension allows the two to meld into one.

One of the truly fantastic things about a glass extension is how it adapts all throughout the year. As previously mentioned it can be opened all the way to let the outside in, allowing a cool breeze to permeate the space in the hotter months. When things cool down you won’t be able to feel it if you have triple glazing to lock all the heat indoors where it belongs.

Best of all, a glass extension takes full advantage of the natural heat and light provided by the sun. So, when things would be cold, you will be able to save on the heating bills as it may not even be necessary to turn on the radiators. It is even possible to soak up a little vitamin D when it would not usually be possible.

Light spaces make the occupants happier. Natural light is particularly effective and the brightness from the extension will permeate throughout the rest of the house. Buildings with little to no natural light can feel dark and cave-like, a glass extension will directly counteract this.

glass box extension

They also make for a contemporary feeling that pairs well even with older buildings. That way there is an area to suit every mood or occasion. If you want to host a nice and cheerful event for your friends then the extension will provide a perfectly cheerful space for everyone while fitting in naturally with the rest of your house.
Glass extension offer peaceful privacy. Despite letting the outdoors in and being a bright, sunny spot in your house, glass extensions also make for a wonderful spot to take a quiet moment to yourself. If you have kids playing outside the space lets you remain part of their fun while still relaxing, maybe with a hot drink or some music.

If your house is close to others, giving neighbours a direct line of sight into your private spaces could be a concern. This issue is simply solved by installing something like vertical blinds. These let you shut out the world when you want and will fully retract to let the whole world in when it is appropriate.

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