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Glass Extensions for Kitchens

There are many ways you can use a modern glass extension. An increasingly popular one is either, extending current kitchen space, or building a new kitchen in the glass extension.
Both these have design considerations which must be addressed in order to make full use of the new space.

Kitchen Glass Extension

Expending a current kitchen space

Combining current kitchen space with the new space provided by a glass extension offers many advantages. In this scenario you would use the current kitchen space for units that need to be fixed to the wall, such as sinks, cookers, dish washers and fridges. These need to be either plumbed in or require power and are best left against a solid wall.

The extra space provided by the extensions can then be used for tables, chairs and furniture that does not need to be against a solid wall.

North Faces kitchens often use an extension to provide extra light into an otherwise dark area. The combination of a well-designed extension can dramatically improve the living area of a kitchen, and bring the area to life. Your kitchen is often the heart of the home, and the additional space can introduce increased space and functionality which can be used by the whole family and for entertaining friends.

Using Glass extension to house entire kitchen

This is not as common as just extending the current kitchen, but can be achieved with planning and good design. When planning such a design we will work with the client to get the best layout for the kitchen. Because you will have no walls to fix to, you have to plan carefully to ensure you have all services such as water and electrics in the right place. Island units are a popular choice which can accommodate sink units and cookers, dishwashers etc. You need to decide where you want the island units placed before construction so the services (Water, Gas and Electricity) can be incorporated into the foundations of the extension. This will then make the installation much easier and neater.

We can also design in ventilation to ensure your new glass kitchen area remains steam and odor free.

We have a wide range of styles available and offer a bespoke design service which includes 3d modelling so you can see what your dream kitchen extensions will look like.

For further examples of glass extensions view our portfolio to see what can be created.

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