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Glass extensions are a unique and modern way of extending a room. They are the modern alternative to the traditional brick extension. This is an invention that the modern-day architecture takes credit for. It is a modern way to add glamour to a home while still creating more usable space. Glass extensions add a sense of class whilst creating desirable links between various sections of a home setting. These sections include; extension of the kitchen to conservatories, porches, home hubs, dining areas and utility rooms. Glass extensions not only make a home look beautiful but also are durable and versatile.

If you need extra space a glass extension can help do just that, whilst increasing the value of your property and increasing the thermal efficiency. They also help flood the home with natural light as opposed to using modern lighting systems. For rooms where thermal efficiency is a key requirement, glass extensions are highly recommended. This is a room designed in a modern way with sliding door systems and sophisticated designs to increase the thermal performance of the room.

Modern glass extensions give a home an elegant look whilst complementing the exterior of a home. The most preferred type of glass extensions are frameless ones. These glass extensions will blend into any type of property. Its appearance is more appealing than the traditional glass extensions. The lack of frames provide a clear view of the environment through a pure undisrupted glass.

Glass extensions are suitable for any weather conditions, if the glass extension is designed and fitted professionally it gives a room perfect insulation. During the winter the room still remains insulated at the recommended room temperature. In contrast, during the summer when the heat and the temperature are just unbearable, a glass extension room still remains insulated and the temperature maintained at the recommended level. Overheating of a room during the summer or shivering in cold during the winter has now become a thing of the past. When properly fitted, the insulation property is just economical as less power is required in heating the room and thus it is energy-efficient.

Glass extensions are normally designed as glass slides, glass roof, and a glass ceiling. The design brings lots of benefits to a home, including; creation of more space in the home, the glass panels are strongly held together and cannot spate easily, and increased natural light in a room.

There are several rules and planning permissions to comply with. Some of the planning rules for the glass extensions include; the glass wall shouldn’t be more than 4m high and it should not be by a road. We would recommend contacting a property surveyor before starting off the construction to determine whether more permission is needed for the construction to take place. Information and advice about construction are actually free at your local planning office. It is, therefore, advisable to seek guidelines, legal advice and permission before starting off installation of glass extensions.

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